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Tony Meredith, from Tony Meredith Coaching, is an experienced business and sales coach based in Stones Corner, Brisbane.

Tony has coached hundreds of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals in the suburb of Stones Corner in Brisbane, and across other regions in Australia.
A lot of Australians, and Brisbane small business owners got into business because they’re great at a certain job.

Perhaps they’re a great plumber, accountant, or cleaner. Unfortunately, there’s a huge gap between being great at a particular job and running an outstanding business. At Tony Meredith Coaching, we recognise this difference and provide business and sales coaching in Brisbane that ensures our clients achieve success by working on their business, not just in it.

Tony Meredith business coaching in Brisbane specialises in 3 key areas of business: Sales, Leadership, and Mindset.

Sales is the lifeblood of every business, therefore we work with you and your team to build an effective marketing and sales funnel, from awareness and lead generation to sales conversion.

When it comes to leadership, we build strategies to enable you to be a more effective leader in your business, as well as foster a culture of individual leadership for all team members.

Our mindset philosophy is, ‘In order to build a better business you need to build a better you’, hence our coaching focuses on getting you to experience outstanding personal growth, which in turn flows positively to your business.

Tony Meredith Coaching firmly believes in the concept of mind over matter. The goal we focus on is to release the innate potential you have by first working on your mindset.

At Tony Meredith Coaching, we help you take your business to the next level through business and sales coaching in Brisbane that helps establish your mindset before creating the right business strategy for you. Whether you are a small business struggling to keep afloat or a medium business that has set its sights on the next milestone, we help you lead your business with the right mindset through goal setting and successful business practices that drive you towards that goal.

To be the best business coach in Brisbane for your business endeavours, we make it a point to hold one-on-one coaching sessions to focus all our efforts on you. Our individual sessions are set to help us better understand your business requirements and help you develop the right strategies and execute them successfully.

Apart from individual business coaching sessions, we have online group sessions wherein you can not only find out how to overcome your business challenges but also identify potential business challenges faced by other members of the group and their solutions.

With constant support, we help our clients grow from milestone to milestone, effectively helping them improve their performance and overcome obstacles. Irrespective of what part of the world your business is located in, we set up coaching sessions both online and in-person to make it convenient for you on all accounts.

With decades of experience, Tony Meredith also offers his insights to businesses and employees as a keynote speaker. So, whether you need business coaching in Brisbane or someone to address a large corporate gathering, we are here to help.

Book a call with Tony to see how he can help your small business in CapalabaMiltonEast Brisbane, Brisbane, and throughout Australia.

Topics I Coach



Learn processes and techniques to increase sales



Get clear on what you want and the steps to get there



Bring your vision to life through influence



Create awareness of your business and products



Build a growth mindset that underpins your business success



Drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout your business


Time Mastery

Find time to do what you want in business and life



Interpret your numbers and increase your profits

About Us

I’m Tony Meredith.
I Help Business
Owners Achieve
Their Dreams.

I specialise in helping you exponentially grow your existing business or start the business that you’ve always wanted to.

My success is based on your results.

In order to build a better business you need to build a better you.


What Clients Are Saying

“Tony has helped us increase our sales by over 60% in 6 months”
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D'Luxe Candles
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Geoff Oakes
Geoff Oakes
I have been working with Tony one to one fortnightly since 2020. After 4 years in business it was time to upgrade my systems and processes. Tony's background in corporate sales and his first hand business experience made him the perfect choice for me. A side benefit has been that sales leads have tripled without that really being a focus, average sales value has grown by 80% and is on target to continue that growth next year. Tony has a great ability to prioritise and provide focus to business owners. I recommend TMC to anyone that is willing to take their business to the next level.
Tony has been my coach for over a year now. I appreciate his style and ability to communicate and work with me on achieving my goals. Tony is available when needed and has been an asset in moving my company forward.
Alan Fernandez
Alan Fernandez
The guidance provided by Tony has been incredible and his energy is amazing. Changing our mindset had been a slow process but nonetheless a process worth going through thanks to Tony! So I would like to thank you and your team for all your help so far Tony!
Lorna Bukkland
Lorna Bukkland
As a trainer and coach for many years, I have often been questioned as to why I needed a coach? I feel that it is important to have your own coaches to keep you inspired, motivated and on track with what you are wanting to achieve, having someone you can bounce your ideas off in a safe environment where you are not going to be ridiculed or criticised.I engaged Tony as my business coach because when we met, we connected, communicated openly and easily, have similar values, I feel valued, and we can openly communicate, creating possibilities and insights into where my business can go transitioning from live trainings to the virtual world we are living today.Tony is committed to supporting me with my Goals and is always there when support is needed, he challenges my thinking while inspiring me to take action, engaging Tony has been a real positive for me providing me with a better understanding of my business at a greater level with a healthy life balance.I highly recommend taking action and connecting with Tony to take your business to the next level. Thankyou Tony, I am looking forward to our continued coaching partnership.
Wayne Bramwell
Wayne Bramwell
Tony has helped us increase our sales by over 60% in 6 months
Geoff Oakes
Geoff Oakes
Getting peak business performance is why I choose a business coach. TMC is the choice of many franchisees and franchisors looking outside their organisation for a growth partner.
Michael Horne
Michael Horne
Tony helped me get out of my way to chase my dreams and goals. Thanks mate
Andrew Weeks
Andrew Weeks
Tony always gives you the lift and positive mindset to make the most of everyday 👍

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