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Accountability Coaching – Everything You Need to Know

Dreams, goals, and aspirations are something everyone can identify with, and we all want to make them a reality. Making them a reality demands sufficient work, as it is a tedious and challenging process to transform abstract thoughts into reality. The process itself becomes a success when the goals are defined, there are set out realistic plans to achieving them, and consistency towards executing the plans.

You must understand that maintaining consistency is not easy because the road to success is rough. The road becomes lonely when you travel it alone, and this feeling can be detrimental to achieving some goals. “Some goals” because there are goals that are better achieved in a personal journey with attention and focus. For those goals that can be burdensome to go it alone, an accountability partner is helpful. 

Who is an Accountability Partner?

We first look at what accountability is. It means being answerable, responsible, and having some sense of duty. Simply, accountability means holding yourself as the cause for your failures or successes. This trait makes you conscious of how your actions affect results and events happening around you. The accountability partner mentioned above can be gotten in an accountability coach.

For the question who is an accountability partner or coach? 

This is a trained professional whose service is to offer support to an individual in the journey to achieve set and defined goals. The professional offers support, follows up on the individual’s progress and doesn’t relent until the set goals are achieved.

The service offered by the professional accountability coach is accountability coaching. An individual that subscribes to accountability coaching is held responsible by the accountability coach for every action taken in light of their goals.

Duty of an Accountability Coach

  • Helps you to set defined, specific, and realistic goals. 
  • Follows up on every progressive step taken to achieve the set goals.
  • Continuously reminds you to celebrate your successes by celebrating them with you.
  • Helps you understand how best to overcome challenges.
  • Helps you discover efficient strategies for overcoming challenges.
  • Helps you identify distractions and ignore them.

Is Accountability Coaching Worth It? 

The fear of criticism is what gave birth to accountability coaching, as it helps people filter the noise and push for the accomplishment of their goals. This fear of criticism is why many are reluctant to try, so they are often deemed sluggards, slackers, or plain lazy individuals when they are not.

To understand how criticism has so much influence on hampering growth, we review the feeling that comes with appraisals and compliments. 

The elating feeling and motivation from the appraisals push you to keep going, similarly, criticism breaks an individual’s will.

An accountability coach shouldn’t be mistaken for a life coach. A life coach advises you on topics that bring positivity and soundness to your life, like doing away with harmful habits to adopting progressive and beneficial habits. In contrast, an accountability coach isn’t concerned with how you live your life, but with your goals and how well you can achieve them. The focus of an accountability coach is not your reason for choosing those goals, but how you can and should achieve them.

Experiences are the best and most practical scenarios that answer how effective accountability coaching is to an individual. 

Let’s take a page from our childhood.

Our childhood and house chores. Most times, we do our house chores not from a place of willingness or satisfaction, as most of us would rather skip chores for the whole day. Instead, we do these chores because it helps us get in our parents’ good books, and this sometimes comes with a reward. 

Similarly, our school assignments are done not because we love doing them. If it were up to us we would be out playing and having fun. We do the assignments because we don’t want to be punished. There are many instances, like our workplaces. The system is similar to an accountability coach.

Achieving your goals doesn’t promise to be convenient, but so that you do not give up, an accountability coach is there to hold you accountable if those goals aren’t achieved.

Benefits of an Accountability Coach

  1.  Conditioning:

Accountability coaching conditions a client to know that no other person can be faulted for their goals not becoming a reality. The conditioning you had from your experiences — at home with chores, in school with assignments, and more — where you didn’t satisfy the responsibility on you because you enjoyed it, but because you needed to. This conditioning is what accountability coaching revises in clients. We can also call this conditioning Discipline.

  1. Dedicated support

Sometimes an accountability coach might seem somewhat of a pest in your life until you have achieved your goals. But there will come a time when the coach’s presence and insistence will be valued as much-needed support. This is because the route to achieving your goals will be filled with complexities, and this support helps you overcome them.

  1. Increased productivity:

The experience of the accountability coach is another valued asset that will prove helpful in your journey to achieve your goals. This experience can include familiarity with various proven strategies, and it can or will improve your productivity toward achieving your goals. Also, they pry into your life to review your routines and time management strategies and make corrections that increase productivity.

  1. Improved personal performance

The adjustments in your time management, approach towards your goals, and more translates to your mindset. 

Your thinking is optimized to provide the best possible results for your goals to be achieved, and it is noticed through your performance.

  1. Conquer procrastination

A major hurdle to success is procrastination, and it pops up when you are close to your goals. When it surfaces, you find your focus waning, plans to come to a halt, and a sequence of failure follows.  But the insistent nature of an accountability coach doesn’t give room for procrastination to creep in. The coach is consistently breathing down your neck until your goals are achieved.

  1. Achievement of your goals

The insistence, close follow-up, burden that can feel suffocating, support, and all you get from an accounting coach can only be stopped by one thing — achieving your goals. You subscribed to feel responsible for your goals failing or succeeding, and the coach won’t allow you to dodge this responsibility or slack from the pressure that the responsibility brings. The coach consistently reminds you of the reward of the goal becoming a reality. 


An accountability coach starts as a professional whose job is to keep you accountable, but this professional grows to become sometimes “hated” when the responsibility you subscribed to becomes burdensome. 

In the end, when you have achieved the rewards of satisfying the responsibility you subscribed to, the coach becomes a friend.

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