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Tony Meredith - The Brisbane business coach growing small businesses

I’ve spent over 25 years working in senior roles for some of the world’s largest organisations, and this experience and training forms the foundation of my Business Coaching methods.

I have extensive sales, marketing, and leadership experience, and work with clients in multiple channels, including FMCG, Pharmacy, Retail, Foodservice, Services, Franchising, and Manufacturing.

I believe that a growth mindset is the largest contributor to a successful business, therefore I incorporate this into all of my coaching. One of my philosophies is, “In order to build a better business, you need to build a better you.”

I possess qualifications in Commerce, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Mindset, and Neuro Linguistic Programming, and am able to couple this with my real world business coaching experience to ensure outstanding results for my clients.

In order to build a better business you need to build a better you.

In order to build a better business you need to build a better you.

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I provide following  services.

Our business coaching basics



Learn processes and techniques to increase sales



Get clear on what you want and the steps to get there



Bring your vision to life through influence



Create awareness of your business and products.



Build a growth mindset that underpins your business success



Drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout your business


Time Mastery

Find time to do what you want in business and life



Interpret your numbers and increase your profits


What Clients Are Saying about TMC

Wayne Bramwell – Bramwell Partners : “Tony has helped us increase our sales by over 60% in 6 months”

Scott's Mowing
Scott's Mowing
Tony has been a turning point for our Business. We never thought about using a Business Coach before and often got advice through friends in Business however, Tony has managed to help us implement ideas that have been in our mind for years, streamline our business, grow the Business and most importantly be accountable as Directors. Best investment we have made.
Anthony Kuluz
Anthony Kuluz
We love working with Tony and his team. We seem to have so much more direction and motivation after our sessions. These are now a integral part of our monthly routine that we look forward to.
Alderley Chiropractic
Alderley Chiropractic
Tony knows his stuff and is a great supporter to have on your team. If you've played team sport, you know the benefits of a consistent coach. If you are after a business coach, look no further. Matt, Chiro
Rowan Dillon
Rowan Dillon
Tony is an amazing business coach. Tony has kept me focused, ensured I have taken consistent and persistent action towards by business goals and taught me to focus on things I can control, all of which has enabled me to achieve progress which I would not have without his guidance and support.
Kerri Fuller
Kerri Fuller
Tony is an exceptional business coach. He can identify the areas you need improving and challenge you to rise to the level you need to be at or desire to be at. Highly recommend.
Gary Silversides
Gary Silversides
Tony and the team have been helping us with our new customer program. TMC offer a great depth of knowledge and have worked well with our team at Industry Partners Australia.
Karen Baldwin
Karen Baldwin
As my coach, Tony has been a great support to our property business as well as to me personally. His strong commercial and property experience is coupled with a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy which means he can assisst business owners with all aspects of their business, and their lives. I am hugely grateful for Tony's coaching and assistance in getting us to where we are today.
Trinity Bond
Trinity Bond
This event was of outstanding value and full of great, actionable content. I'm looking forward to putting my notes into action and moving my business forward.
David Taylor
David Taylor
You'll always learn a new tool, tips and perspective with Tony's help. We all get caught up in the day to day of our businesses and rarely take the time to work on the business. Tony provides a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective to help work through issues and create a winning mindset to conquer challenges. Highly recommended!