Creating Sustainable Change

One of the main objectives with change is to ensure that it is sustainable.

Whilst there are plenty of people who resist change, those that do attempt change often stumble because the learning is not long lasting.

Today I want to introduce a framework for sustainable change, that when followed, will ensure significantly improved outcomes.  This framework is called, “Logical Levels of Change”, by Robert Dilts, who is an internationally renowned author, trainer and consultant in the field of leadership, change, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

 The Logical Levels are made up of 6 levels in a hierarchical format, that integrate and operate with the level directly beneath it.  Sustainable change in your business occurs in a downward direction. Whilst some change could occur climbing up the hierarchy, long lasting change flows down.

Below are the 6 elements in hierarchical order:

  • Purpose: Your why, reason for being, or North Star. This is why you wanted to change in the first place.
  • Identify (or Identity): Who do you identify as or what’s your identity? Do you identify as the successful business owner you are growing into? Or do you identify as a battler who’s trying to change? For sustainable change, always move towards something as opposed to away from something.
  • Values & Beliefs: What things are important to you? What standards do you operate by? What are your beliefs? Do you have empowering beliefs or limiting beliefs?
  • Capabilities: What are you truly capable of? What is your potential? How are you going to fulfil your purpose and achieve your goals?
  • Behaviours: What behaviours do you possess? Your actions create your reality.
  • Environment: Is your environment supporting your growth? Do you have the right tools, resources, and people around you

As a Business Coach, one of my roles is to identify change opportunities, then coach my clients through this. Understanding these basic principles often form the foundation of good business practices. This is one reason why I make time for one-on-one business coaching for my clients. Whenever a client gets stuck with the change process, I get them to explore the level above.

 For example:  If a client is struggling with ‘Behaviours’, then I get them to explore ‘Capabilities’. Do they possess the capabilities to do the task? Are they proficient?

 Another example could be a client struggling with their ‘who’ or identity. In that case, my instructions are to reconnect with their ‘Purpose’.

I see plenty of my new clients, whom I offer business and sales coaching services to, wanting to change by starting at the bottom. They believe that in order to create a better business they must start with their environment. They get a new computer or desk, perhaps an extra monitor, but they haven’t worked on their behaviours.

 I’m not saying don’t get a new computer. Instead, I’m saying work on your behaviours first.  Remember, sustainable change flows down.

 Start thinking about when you’ve created sustainable change in your business. Did it follow a similar model to this?

 Conversely, reflect on reasons why you were unable to change at times. If you had followed the Logical levels of Change model, would you have been able to make the changes in your business stick?

 Take the time to reflect on this model and consider how it can positively impact your business.

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