Find The Time You’ve Been Searching For

Are you struggling finding time to work on achieving your business goals?

As a Business Coach, the most common reason (excuse) I hear for not doing something is, “I don’t have enough time.”  Whilst I understand why this could be genuine on some occasions, the reality is that we all have the same amount of time.  It’s just that successful people know how to master their time.

Below are a list of tips to help you build Time Mastery:

1) Audit your time

Understand how you’re currently spending your time.  Before you can change, you must first have awareness of how you’re spending your time.  A time audit is a great tool to help you ascertain where your time is being spent.

2) Reduce the time wasters

Reduce time wasting activities such as social media, TV and other non-productive time.

3) Prioritise the tasks that you want to accomplish.

Don’t try to solve everything in your head.  Instead,  write or type out your list of tasks, then prioritise these.

4) Plan your day/week/month.

Allocate time to progress your prioritised tasks.  Compartmentalise or time block these in your calendar.

5) Shut off all distractions

This includes things such as email alerts, notifications, phone. Give yourself ‘clean air’ to be able to achieve what you set out to do.

6) Remember the ‘Ates’

Delegate:  Hand over tasks that you’re not good at, don’t enjoy, or aren’t income producing.

Automate:  Explore if technology or applications can automate some of your tasks.

Eliminate:  Say “No”.  If you have staff, lear

The easier part of Time Mastery is auditing, planning, and prioritising.  The hardest part is the discipline to stick to your plans and commitments. One way to overcome this is by changing your meaning associated with personal plans or commitments. 

If you schedule a meeting with someone else you make sure that you turn up, as you have a sense of obligation, and don’t want to look bad or let the other person down.  Unfortunately, when it comes to meetings with ourselves, we put these off, which is essentially saying, “I’m not that important.” For you to succeed in business you need to start telling yourself that you are important. That this next task is worth it.

I’m confident that when you follow these steps your productivity will skyrocket. Also, don’t just do this with your business, as the same methodology applies to exercise, study, time with family and friends, and so on.  Time management is one thing, but I want you to be able to successfully MASTER your time.    

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Bio of Tony Meredith

Tony Meredith, Director and Head Coach at Tony Meredith Coaching, has over 25 years’ experience working for some of the world’s largest corporations in a variety of senior sales and leadership roles.

Tony Meredith Coaching started in 2018 and works with hundreds of small-medium businesses across Australia, in the areas of Franchising, Retail, Services, Manufacturing, and Property.  Tony Meredith Coaching focuses on helping business owners Grow Sales, Increase Profits, and Regain Time.

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