My Life, My Career: Executive Coaching Services to Succeed

Coaching should not be a new topic to any of us, as industries like the sports industry have given a clear insight into what it entails. However, for clarity, it involves training or guidance to achieve success and overcome challenges. There are many forms of coaching, with sports coaching being the most known. Still, there are forms of coaching, like executive coaching, that are focused on an individual’s professional and personal life.

Executive coaching did not start today, as it has been around for some time now, particularly decades, and was first used and adopted by top executives and CEOs of organizations and businesses. Today, its adoption has expanded to include leaders and professionals from any level of career and niche. 

The difference between executive coaching and sports coaching is that sports coaching helps members of a sport develop, improve, and attain success. Hence, sports coaching is reserved for sports professionals. In contrast, executive coaching is available to professionals, top executives, leaders, and members of any career level, industry, or niche; thus, it has an extensive reach.

However, people often have an idea of executive coaching, but do not know what it is; thus, what is executive coaching? Executive coaching is an improvement technique, measure, or option involving a partnership between a coach and a professional (client). The partnership is aimed at stimulating, maximizing, and encouraging the client’s professional and leadership potential through a creative process.

Contrary to other coaching forms where the coach and the clients work towards identifying the clients’ weaknesses and overcoming them, executive coaching employs an alternate approach. The approach involves the coach and the client identifying and maximizing the client’s strengths, so much so that their weakness is overcome and becomes non-existent. The objective is for the client to identify the route to success and track it. Hence, the executive coach is the guardian of the professional needs. 

Executive coaching is a valuable service at any stage in a career and successful professionals and career leaders know this; thus, why they recruit the services of a professional executive coach to partner with them through their professional career levels. However, it is essential you as someone looking to succeed in your professional career know the ideal executive coaching services to subscribe to in each of your career levels. 

Executive Coaching Services and the Career Levels/Stages They Are Needed

It is crucial to know the ideal executive coaching service to subscribe to in your career stage. They include:

  1. Beginners with big dreams: These are individuals in the first stage of their career, the first-timers, newcomers in their dream job, and those who are new to a business or do not understand what is required of them as leaders. It is typical to have big dreams and aspirations at this stage and not know the route to take to achieve them. Likewise, it is typical not to have clear goals and dreams as you have no understanding of what you can give or your potential. 

Hence, executive coaching services will be valuable at this stage, as the coach will help identify your driving force, goals, and objectives, and helps you understand your role better. This partnership translates to success as you take accurate and guided steps from a professional with experience in your professional life.

  1. The experienced professional looking to advance and step up their game: The hunger and desire to go further in your career happens to any professional at some point in their life. This hunger or desire can be in the form of needing a promotion, wanting to expand your know-how in your career, or wanting to become an asset in your organization. The highlight is that hunger is there as an experienced professional, but what next to do to satisfy that hunger is not defined.

Executive coaches can help identify the next thing to do. The coach understands sometimes growth stops happening when change is long overdue; thus, the coach works with the client to identify what needs to change and guides them towards changing for success at this career stage. Hence, experienced professional looking to step up their game understands that change occurs when they are willing to change some things, and executive coaching is credited for this realization.

  1. The burnt-out overachiever:  People in this category have these big dreams and goals that they desire with everything in them to achieve, they have invested all their efforts and time in chasing those dreams and eventually become burnt out (exhausted). Now, they struggle to stay motivated and are not that enthusiastic about their career; thus, they are not giving much into their career life. This situation can cost them their career if left unchecked and the executive coach is the guide and partner to help them check the situation.

The executive coach will come in as the light they desperately needed, to help rekindle the fire that gave them the purpose to keep pushing. There is a realization that situations like this arise to discourage only if they let it; thus, they stop being victims and become players by taking control of the situation. The result is the success they craved, further highlighting the vitality of an executive coach at this stage.

Reasons to Employ Executive Coaching for Every Level in Your Organization

We have seen the career stages where executive coaching is vital and helpful, we should know the reasons executive coaching is vital for every level. These reasons include:

  1. Entry-level employees: Every organization has goals, objectives, and values they wish to pursue and uphold, and they require valuable talents in their ranks to do this. Sometimes, the talents you go looking for outside and develop so they can push your organization towards achieving its goals while upholding its values are already present as new entries in your organization. 

However, because you have not invested in them, you do not know they are present. Hence, investing in executive coaching services for your new employees ensures the organization comprises valuable, developed, and purpose-driven members.

  1. Mid-level management: Your organization’s newcomers are not the only ones you need to invest in executive coaching for, the managers are also included. An organization’s managers can influence its growth and rise or its fall and fold up. Hence, it is essential that you invest in executive coaching for your organization’s managers, so they can develop the core leadership skills needed to lead your organization to excellent heights.
  2. C.E.O/C level leaders: We have covered the new employees and the managers, but we cannot ignore the senior executives, as they are the professionals who first adopted executive coaching. The executives should understand that the organization’s growth depends on their ability to grow and their ability to influence the growth of the people around them. Hence, an executive coaching service is valuable for senior executives.


If you ever doubted how valuable executive coaching is and how it influences success in a professional’s career, this article has outlined how valuable it is and the career stages where it is needed.

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