In the middle of these uncertain times, I want to share something with you that I detailed in my recent webinar series: ”Coronavirus: Now What?”

I used the word ‘Coronavirus’ as an acronym, and over 3 nights shared strategies that align to each letter.

Here are the first two letters. Ready?

1. Control what you can control. You have more power than what you think. You can control your thoughts!

Start with your focus. What are you spending your time thinking about? You can choose how you want to feel, you can choose love over fear, and you can choose where to invest your energy and time!

2. Opportunity. Yes, that’s right. Even in the middle of uncertainty, you can choose to look for the opportunities all around you. It all comes down to the meaning you associate with things.

You can tell your story and operate from a half empty glass or your can find the things around you and operate from a half FULL glass! The choice is yours.

Take a moment to think about the opportunities that the current situation is or will present you. What things can you see now that you have the time to look around?

In what way can you pivot and adjust your business to be set up to not only endure this time, but to continue to grow? I promise, you will find what you are looking for!



I’ve started a Live interview webinar series where I talk to various business owners and entrepreneurs about business, sales, and mindset in uncertain times. The intent of these interviews is to share some of the strategies that business owners are adopting in order to push their business forwards.


In episode 2 of #talktotony I’ll be talking to Brett Blair, Divisional Head of Jim’s Pool Care.

Jim’s Pool Care is part of the Jim’s Group, and has 110 franchises nationally (and growing).

This is going to be a great interview that you don’t want to miss. Join Brett and I on Tuesday, April 14th at 2:00pm, for our live interview.

Register for this free Zoom webinar by clicking on the link below:


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